Credit Improvement

  • Poor credit can prevent you from purchasing the most important items like your car or your home

  • A lower credit score can lead to higher interest rates- everyday consumers spend thousands of dollars more in financing because they failed to improve their credit. Don’t waste your money- improve your credit and save thousands in the long run.

  • Time is of the essence!  The longer you hold off fixing your credit, the longer it will take to improve your credit!


  • Correct any inaccuracies in your credit report

  • Provide legal remedies to improve your credit

  • We put a plan together to show you how to build your credit

  • Building credit can be tricky- For example: paying off accounts or simply having a car company research your credit history can have a negative impact on your credit

  • Avoid scams and “Credit repair clinics”.  Work with a lawyer you can meet with- not a credit agency staffed with telemarketers who work in another state!

You will work directly with Attorney Nick Yousif, call today for a free consultation at 508-588-7300.

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